How Can You Unlock the Benefits of Habit Nest Journals?

By Kelley Boymer
8 May 2023
How Can You Unlock the Benefits of Habit Nest Journals?
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Have you ever wanted to form a successful habit but just couldn’t seem to stay on track? Or have you ever wanted to reflect on your day but just didn’t have the time? It’s time to unlock the power of Habit Nest Journals. After starting the Gratitude Sidekick Journal by Habit Nest I’ve been blown away by how it’s kept me accountable and helped me stick to a daily practice. Today you’ll learn the science behind habit forming, understand the importance of daily reflection, and discover the best ways to enjoy the benefits of this life-changing tool.

According to a study from a researcher at the University College London it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit and fewer than 10% of people are successful in completely changing their behavior. By leveraging the power of Habit Nest Journals, you can achieve success in as little as two weeks – and enjoy the lasting benefits of a healthier, more productive life.

If you are in the market for a new journal or would like to improve your habits, Habit Nest can you help finally reach those goals. Whether you are looking to begin or get back into a gratitude practice, start a morning routine, sleep better, manage your finances, or take a digital detox, there’s plenty of options to help you start a habit you can stick to.

How Can You Unlock the Benefits of Habit Nest Journals?

When I say that this journal has changed my life, I am not kidding. It is incredibly comprehensive, but in the most wonderful, simple and engaging way. It is not daunting and does not make you feel like a failure when you slip up. Instead it guides you and builds on the progress you make, encouraging you to explore different parts of yourself each day. And here’s the kicker, it only takes 5 minutes. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes, right?

Each of the Habit Nest Journals begin by giving The ‘Why’, The ‘Who’, The ‘What’ and The ‘How’ behind the creation of the journal– the passion, science and reasoning. It so clear that the gratitude journal was well thought out by the individuals who made it with love and the intention to help show people, “you already have everything you need to be happy.” The Habit Nest Journals are research-based and built to help you stay on track amidst the struggle of building a new habit. Instead of intimidating or making this new habit feel overwhelming, the Habit Nest Journal is honest about the commitment it will take, but pumps you up to get excited about this new positive routine in your life.

Each of the Habit Nest Journals follow the 66-day science that has been proven effective in changing and creating new habits. I love how each day includes different themes with inspiring passages, stories, quotes, resources, challenges and thought-provoking questions that truly allow you to dig deep and be reflective.

The Gratitude Sidekick Journal

After doing the Gratitude Sidekick Journal for 20+ days, I am noticing the themes weaving into each part of my life. I have seen incredible improvement in my own mental health, relationships, ability to be present and step back and appreciate small and large moments throughout my day.

While on walks with my dog, I am finding I’m more present. Normally, I would find myself space out and suddenly realize the walk was over and I hadn’t truly been present or enjoyed any part of it. Instead, I notice the beautiful hawk fly overhead or the sound of the babbling brook and smile with awe at this beautiful world we live in. While playing with my son, instead of grabbing for my phone or look ahead to nap or bedtime, I sometimes catch myself and truly interact with him, giggling and connecting with his present little being.

These may seem like small shifts, but they feel really big to me. I am not a pessimistic person and overall I am very happy and content with my life. But I tend to get caught up in anxious cycles and this can spiral into feeling like everything is all doom and gloom. The other day, I was beginning to spiral into an anxious cycle when I suddenly caught myself, took a deep breath and without even noticing began to list things I was grateful for. It completely changed my perspective from anxious to grateful.

The simple shifts in the Gratitude Sidekick Journal have been monumental in helping me to see and feel this in every part of my life. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s a start and I am excited to continue on this gratitude journey.

The Morning Sidekick Journal

After loving my Gratitude Sidekick Journal so much, I decided I wanted to try another. I just started The Morning Sidekick Journal, which I am so excited to dig into. I love that it follows a similar format and helps you set realistic goals catered to you and your wants and needs. The questions and probes help to determine what it is that you want out of this experience and create a routine that will stick.

More Habit Nest Journals to try:

  • The Budgeting Sidekick Journal
  • The Meditation Sidekick Journal
  • The Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal
  • Nutrition Sidekick Journal
  • Habit Nest Daily Planner
  • Screen Time Sidekick Journal

Habit Nest journals may seem like a small commitment, but in reality, they can have a profound impact on our lives. With simple daily questions to reflect upon, we can gain valuable insight into our self-development, create healthy habits, and increase our productivity. By finding the answers to these questions on a daily basis, we can continue to work toward our goals and unlock the true benefits of a Habit Nest journal. All it takes is a small investment of time and energy to unlock a potentially life-changing gift.

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